Saturday, July 19, 2008

where's the beef?

My first post after a longish break in Blighty is about one of my favourite foodstuffs - beef. I never miss the chance to eat the meat and gorged on cooked cow when back home. Returning to Delhi is a necessary culinary torture I'd rather not have to live through. So the first thing I like to do when I am back is get some cow. This is not easy in north India where they take Hinduism into the kitchen and cow-slaughter can lead to riots.

However you can find the real thing in Delhi, usually tucked away in some shady backstreet. The place I'd currently recommend is a Korean restuarant called Gung, the Palace. Went there last night and the melt-in-my-mouth beef was cooked at my table. The owner, a Korean expat whose mum does the cooking, told me that the fifty percent of the clientele was now Indian. "Now that is India progressing. Last year it was only 10 per cent".