Monday, February 16, 2009

Frieda's Old News in the Screws

A few years ago one of the Dirty Digger's finest quipped about environmentalists that they "turn red faster than Kermit in a blender". Now it seems the Aussie Bruiser's publications have taken up recycling in a big way. Except it's not the paper that's being reused but the news.

Yesterday the News of the Screws caused a million hearts to sing with the headline that "Movie beauty Freida Pinto splits with fiance".

Unfortunately the Indian media beat them to it. Midday had it here two weeks ago - telling the world that "(She) did break off her engagement to her fiance... a marketing professional from Mumbai and her one-time PR agent, Rohan Antao, got the kick."

It seems O Pinto's been doing her own media relations in Britain. In the press it has appeared that she's not only dumped her man, but Bollywood too after being chased by lusty Indian directors. Could she be looking for a Hollywood agent perhaps? Certainly these pictures (above) from GQ would suggest that the diminutive one is ready to shed her slumdog role for something, ahem, more lusty...

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