Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Indian elections and the BBC news

Why is the BBC's Damien Grammaticas doing a piece about Chiranjeevi in Andhra Pradesh and using Bangalore and a village Panakanahalli from a different state Karnataka to illustrate his political message?

No one would illustrate Arnold Schwarznegger's run for Gov of California with examples from Seattle.

The Indian elections are a series of state polls. Why is the BBC's reporting so confused?

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Rajiv Naik said...

Is BBC really interested in showing the Indian election process as a success story?

Noooo, India may be the largest democracy and an IT champ etc, but most of its people are not getting anywhere, are they? They still have to scrabble just as hard for a meagre living and they are just as clueless about what democracy is all about.

Seems like that's what the world thinks about us; a big boy, but not all there and not really getting anywhere.

What better way to convey this message than to reinforce the stereoype 'exotic India' , i.e India of sweaty, unruly crowds and unruly passions, easily manipulated by the theatricals of a matinee idol.