Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Hindu newspaper: The press or The press release?

N Ram is the editor of the Hindu, one of India's most influential newspapers. He has very clear views on a number of subjects. He buys the Chinese line on Tibet and the Dalai Lama. He has a strong anti-Islamist line. He also has backed the Sri Lankan government to the hilt. There was nothing that appeared to convince Ram that Sri Lanka had destroyed the LTTE terror machine at a terrible cost. Anyone reading his newspaper would rarely chance upon arguments that might challenge the editor's opinion.

It got to a point where the HIndu published a number of interviews with Sri Lanka's president which must have left readers confused. Was this the press or the press release?

Most brazen was N Ram's take on what some described as "internment camps" where Tamil civilians were dumped in after the end of Sri Lanka's civil war. The headline in July on visiting the Vavuniya IDP camps was that the trip was "an uplifting experience".

So what a surprise to see this story titled Things not all that well in Sri Lanka camps: India in the HIndu's news pages. Tucked away but there none the less. Looks like the editor might be afraid of the light on this one.

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